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Surviving at Snapper Up until the last heat of the day, when rookie John John Florence racked up a combined two-wave heat score of 19.60 points out of 20, Slater had led the highest stat for the day with 18.80 points out of a possible 20. Florence, who joined the world ESPN
Dec 16, 2018
Nothing sacred in online grab for data Essentially, the edifices of privacy that we once thought we understood are melting like ice in a heatwave. Once upon a time, before mobile phones, it was really hard, without direct surveillance, for anyone else to know where you were. Now add in The Age
Dec 16, 2018

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16.12Location is key for European heatwaves
In 2003 a heatwave in Europe lead to around 70000 deaths across 12 European countries, while 2010 saw Russia experience extremes of heat. With climate change looking set to boost both mean temperature and temperature variability, hot spells could
16.12Spring has sprung! After the freezing lows and record-breaking highs of ...
Spring has sprung! After the freezing lows and record-breaking highs of ...
The unusually balmy temperatures also brought sun worshipers flocking to the UK's beaches and parks to make the most of the mini heatwave. And as March brings yet more sunshine and clear sky, data collected by the Met Office looks set to put February
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